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No hidden fees and no extra service cost.

Centralized Web Interface

Our PBX solution offers a centralized web user interface, which can be accessed from your browser on any device, including mobile devices.

Easy Accessibility

The Telnova PBX will soon be offering companion iOS and Android Apps that will make PBX functions and stations on the go.

Unlimited Local PBX

Unlimited Local Calls
16 Features Included

$ 19/month/user

Unlimited Canada PBX

Unlimited Calls Canada
16 Features Included

The most popular *

$ 24/month/user

Unlimited North America PBX

Unlimited Calls Canada & USA (inc Puerto Rico)
16 Features Included

$ 29/month/user

Included Features

  • Always know who is calling by having the caller’s number displayed on your phone.
  • Notifies you of an incoming second call when you are already on a first call. You have the option of putting the first call on hold and taking the second call.
  • Never miss a call by easily forwarding your call to another phone line, mobile line or even another extension.
  • Telnova PBX voicemail can be accessed from any device. Voicemail messages can even be sent to your email.
  • Call and speak to several people at once.
  • Distributing phone calls from a single phone number to a group of several lines, such as extensions.
  • Automated Menu: Completely customizable menu that can be set to a users’ preference.
  • Frequently used numbers can be saved to memory to make calling them faster.
  • Music is available to customers on hold while they are waiting.
  • Limited to the current call. Allows you to monitor and listen to the quality of calls between employee and customer.
  • Reroute calls in special situations, such as after a certain amount of rings or when the line is busy.
  • Reroute calls depending on the time of day. For example, after opening hours or during holidays.
  • Transfer a call to any other phone number or extension.
  • Reroute calls in special situations, such as after a certain amount of rings or when the line is busy.
  • Personalize each extension with a recorded message.
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) configuration provides you with a block of telephone numbers for clients to call an extension directly into your private branch exchange (PBX).

Optional Features

  • Fax to Email: $10/Month
  • Extra Phone Number: $5/Month (International and Toll Free Numbers also available)
  • Keep your existing phone number: $20 transfer fee

Minimum one-year contract

The Telnova 911 service is available at the time of activation of the Service. Fees for 911 service are billed from the date of activation of the Service.
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